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Would you like a professional and favourable review of your work posted online? Some cool comments of your work that you can place on your own website or promotional material? For free?

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If you're an independent musician you can use our reviews for hype, marketing and social proof. We accept almost all genres for consideration but your music must be radio friendly - no mature content. We'll give you a personalised link so you can share your review and always access it. Plus we'll tweet your review.

To give you the best review possible we'll need a few things from you to make your review shine - band photos, gig photos, links to your social media sites (so other people can find you), samples or links to your music, a bio, and so on. If you don't have a bio no problem, we'll hit you up with a few questions and give you a nice introduction to the rest of the world.

The review is yours to do as you wish. Link to it at our site or copy it and use it any way you like - or perhaps just copy and paste a few choice comments for your own use. With these restrictions: 

  • You don't alter the wording if you choose to copy the review and use it elsewhere.
  • Include the review comes from Super Rock School, and, if possible, a link back to the review.

If you'd like to learn more about your review writer visit our About page. Read our latest reviews to get a sample of what you can expect for yourself at Artist Review.

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