This page contains sample versions of original songs by Super Rock School. You can purchase these tracks royalty free. You can use them for any project you wish whether commercial, personal or educational. They come with unlimited licence - you can use them on as many projects as you wish).


Because keeping the prices insanely low helps students and independent projects get quality music they can use without hassle. All tracks are MP3 at 320kps. Suggested uses are advertising, school or university projects, educational videos, indie film projects, indie video game development, and so on. If suitable please acknowledge us in your project.

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Sakura - Length 02:23 (retro electronica with an industrial / science fiction vibe)

Air G2 - Length 01:51(house style instrumental with industrial feel)

Beat the Clock - Length 00:28 (quiz show 'beat-the-clock' themed track. Quick! What's your answer?)

Heartstarter - Length 04:15 (spacious house track with minimal chord changes)

Mr Anderson - Length 00:16 (short, energetic house track with triumphant vibe)

Retro Odessey - Length 01:15 (fast paced retro style digital track full of energy)

Retro Science Lab - Length 00:18 (quirky, energetic track with a 'mad scientist' feel)

Acoustic Instrumental

One Man's Highway - Length 01:14 (upbeat, layered acoustic track featuring some slide guitar)

Sunrise to Sunset - Length 01:48 (kick drum supports acoustic track full of flourishes)


Shake Your Asp - Length 03:00 (indie acoustic based rock track with gritty sound)

Psychedelic Blues - Length 00:50 (pumping rock instrumental with chaotic, fuzzed guitar soloing) 


The Chill Shack - Length 01:30 (a reggae song written in MIDI with a whimsical take on the genre)