Hello gang! Blues on Broadbeach is accepting applications for bands to perform at its festival that runs for about 4 days in March/April 2019. It is a free event on the Gold Coast, something like a Louisiana street festival. Broadbeach is where Pacific Fair and the Casino are. The streets are closed off and bands fill the parks and streets. I've been there a few times. It is packed!

It runs like this. A band will be playing on one stage, whilst another band will be setting up at a stage at the other end of the street. When the first band finishes, the second band is ready to go. And while they are playing the first band bumps off stage and a new band begins setting up. It's very well organised for performers and audience. Plus some bands are placed in pubs or shopping malls. No matter where you go there is a blues band playing and they don't conflict with each other.

They get big artists - Diesel, Screaming Jets, Robert Cray, Chain, Dave Hole (Australian slide player), The Black Sorrows, John Meyer (Rose Tattoo), Doc Span (Australia's #1 harp player) and so on. Plus bands like Mason Rack and Blind Lemon. I think Mr. G. has a shot at getting a smaller stage, probably in a park. Our line up would be Me, Glenn, Mano and Bec, if possible.

Here's photographs from a few times I've been. Once, I scored a backstage pass, but I don't think they allow that anymore.

On the larger stages you can only use what gear has already been set-up. It is impractical for them to pull down every microphone and set it up again for the next band in less than an hour. All drummers use the same kits, but I think you can make minor changes - swap the snare, your own cymbals, that sort of thing. Everything is already micked up so you use the basic set-up. I'm assuming it would be a very good kit. Same goes for amplifiers. You get a choice of two.

There is no reason we couldn't play a great set on one of the smaller stages.

There's a submission process. They want a bio, facebook links, spotify links and so on. I can do all that up. A gig like this would be even easier than K-Blues. Rock up, plug in, play, and that's it.