Jazzy B Maj 7 chord

You'll find the B Maj 7 chord in today's post a strong chord with just a touch of chill. Guitar players using a pick will need to mute the A-string with a fretting hand finger as they strum the chord. If you're a fingerstyle player then you'll probably have no problems. Keyboard players won't find this chord too much of a challenge but notice that they order of the notes on the keyboard (as it's played here) isn't identical to the music staff. We've got some inversions going there - the diagrams are just the most practical for each representation of the chord.

To hear how to this chord sounds with other chords, and also to practice moving in and out of this chord try these simple two chord progressions.

  • FMaj7 - BMaj7
  • E - BMaj7 (try the A shape bar chord for the E chord on guitar)
  • Bmay - c min7

Whilst you might associate this chord with jazz it can work well in many genres. See how you go transposing into different keys also.

 B Major 7

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