64 Beats Per Minute

A nice, simple post for today. We've got a beat for you to practice along to. This one is great for beginner musicians. It's at 64 beats per minute. If beats per minute is foreign to you then read on.

A great many songs play at (or somewhere close to) 120 Beats Per Minute. Why is that interesting you may ask? Well, how many seconds are there in a one minute? There's 60. So a song that runs at 120BPM has exactly two beats every second. It just seems so natural to play music at about two beats every second. Of course there's some great sounding songs that run much slower or even insanely fast.

The practice beats here are just a little faster than 60BPM. This runs at 64. Like we said, great for beginners. Whatever your instrument or style aim for nice strong notes played accurately on each beat. Completely co-incidence but this track runs for exactly one minute.

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