Bass - Open Strings Warm-up

Ready to add a new warm up for your bass playing? Here's two warm up exercises.

These warm up exercises are specifically for your playing hand - the hand that fingers or picks the strings, not the one doing the fretting. In fact, you'll notice that all strings are open so you won't be fretting anything. Everything is concentrated on your playing hand.

If you're a beginner go slow and aim to hit each note on beat but also have each note sound smoothly. If you're more advanced you may play through this faster. Tighten up your note definition by muting as you play. For example you might actually mute the low e-string with the thumb of your fretting hand to avoid mudiness, and also use your playing hand to mute ringing strings as you swap between bars. This should really be occurring naturally.

Use this exercise to build up your endurance as well as accuracy. 

Notice that the note pattern is low string to higher string, for example, bar 1 is E string to D string. You can also reverse it. Go from D string to E string and work through the exercises with that approach.

Open string bass warmup

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