F# Shapes on Keyboard

No, no, no... we don't mean your computer keyboard. Or touch screen these days. We mean your piano keyboard. For your educational pleasure we've created an animated gif on the most common shapes for the F# chord on piano. They can all be achieved with one hand so make sure you practice with both.

There's no real particular order for the chords. In other words they don't flow in some logical, harmonic progression. You could use this animated diagram to learn new chord shapes. You can also use it as a workout.

Why F#? It's a somewhat unusual key for piano lesson - more of a challenge than playing comfortably around the white keys. 

Have fun incorporating these shapes into your own playing. If you're reasonably proficient spread the notes across two hands (even doubling up some) see what cool inversions you can come up with.

F# chord shapes on keyboard

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