Simple Vocal Tips for Beginners

If you've even taken some criticism because your singing voice is, well, not a singing voice have no fear. With a little practice and some basic vocal tips you can be well on your way to having at least a reasonable capability singing. We're not going to cover everything here such as breathing, posture, and so on, but rather give a few tips you can work on. Unless you are super extroverted and/or slightly crazy you'll probably find it best to practice these suggestions in solitude.

  • When you sing open your mouth a little wider than your normal speaking style. Yup, that's a pretty cool simple trick. 
  • When you have some lyrics in front of you take a good, deep breath. Focus on filling your lungs with air. Now speak just the first phrase or sentence of your lyrics. Control your breath as you speak the line. Did you run out of breath to early? Perhaps try again and see if you can control your airflow right the way through.
  • Some phrases are longer and more difficult and may require more than one breath. That's fine. If you find that happening see if you can find the most sensible place to comfortably draw in more air to complete your phrase.
  • Practice humming a phrase. Rest your tongue behind your lower teeth, your lips pressed together slightly. Hum loud enough that you can actually feel the resonance from your jaw up to your forehead. You can try humming the fire-engine sound "eee-ahh, eee-ahh", or give a musical scale a try. Don't worry if it's not perfect you can work on that later too.

Give yourself some time with the basic hints. There's a lot more involved to getting a good singing voice happening, but these are some fundamentals that almost anyone should be able to achieve.

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