Guitar - Major 7th Chords

The chart in this blog shows Major 7th chords on guitar in the seven basic keys (in other words, no sharps or flats).

Major 7th chords are popular in most forms of music from pop to jazz to classical. A Major 7th chord is built by adding an extra note to a major triad - which is 1st, 3rd and 5th notes. The Major 7th chord also adds the 7th note of the scale. For example the A Major scale is A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#, A. The A Major triad built from that scale is A, C#, E. Adding the 7th we get A, C#, E, G#.

The Major 7th chords are full sounding with a touch of dissonance giving them an expressive quality that can add moodiness to your songs.

You'll notice two versions of the CMaj7 in the chart below. Note that there are many other variations of all the chords shown. The reason there are two versions shown here of the CMaj7 is that the second one shown (CMaj7 no 5th) is by far the more popular on guitar. However, as the name informs there is no 5th note included in that chord structure. If you want a true major 7th sound in the key of C use the first version. 

major 7th guitar chords

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