Keyboard - emin7 arpeggio

A nine note keyboard run? Okay, maybe it's not the longest stroll across the keyboard ever but it's still pretty challenging. Not only that you can get a beautiful sound that can fit it almost any genre from jazz to pop to classical to rock.

As you can see in the two bar progression below the first chord is an e minor 7. There's a D note thrown in to a standard e minor chord giving more expression. The second bar is a D Major arpeggio to keep things simple (and almost logical). It uses only the notes of the D Maj triad.

 piano e minor 7 arpeggio

How to finger this? Well, that may depend on your style but reaching your penultimate finger (second to last) over your last to hit the final note works well.

You may like to run through these arpeggios as clear individual notes. Another approach is to maintain your left hand chord, the e min 7 and D Maj throughout the run. Let that chord sustain as your right hand completes each bar.

Aim for smooth even notes. Your emin7 chord is all white keys. Your D Maj includes a black key. Don't bury your fingers into your keyboard. You only need to hit the tip of your black key, which is the F#. You'll find you get a smoother playing feel and sound if you do this.

Try this with other chords. Try adding runs like this into your playing. It could be a bridge, the end of a musical phrase or a way to highlight your keyboard playing during a portion of a song.

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