Drummers - Can You Bossa Nova?

brazilian drummers

Let's get into a fiery, pelvis-swinging groove with a Bossa-Nova beat. The Bossa Nova hails from Brazil. It rose to mainstream popularity during the 50's and 60's.

There's no snare in the sample below. It's all hats and ride with a solid kick drive. Most drummers will have no hassle with the kick drum and ride cymbal work. The hats is where the magic happens. And, of course, Latino style rhythms are usually smoking fast to really get those hips and feet moving.

Let's give a mention to digital musicians. Feel free to be inspired in your electronic creativity with this ethnic style of rhythm also.

If you are a drummer or a programmer and not familiar with reading drum tab the score has been outlined for you. So get practicing or get sequencing.

basic Bossa Nova beat

Listen to this audio sample to get a guide. (If memory serves correctly it's about 108 BPM, give or take).

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