Guitar A Major triad

Check out these great A Major triads based on the E shape A Major bar chord at the 5th Fret. If you're relatively new to guitar these chords shouldn't be too hard to learn with a little practice. What will be hard, though, is incorporating them into your playing.

If you are a competent player you might like to try substituting these chords as alternate versions of any A Major chord you are playing. There's actually so many things you could do that we may just have to leave it up to your creativity. For example, you could try picking through the notes instead of strumming them. If you have a full bar of an A Major chord try playing part of the bar with one A Major chord (perhaps open position) and smoothly moving to one of these. And vice versa.

If you're quite advanced, you probably already know these, but how creative can you get adding some scale notes to these triads.

a major guitar triad 1
 A Major guitar triad 3
 A Major guitar triad 2

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