Drums - Triplets on the Kick

kick drum pedal

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We're hoping that goes for audio too. That's because today's lesson is audio only. So, we really don't need to type too much. We could just say, "drummer, listen and try to copy". That's about it.

But... there's a little more going on. The aim of this lesson is to get some tight kick attacks happening. To provide a little context a snare hit has been thrown in on beats 2 & 4 which is a common hit for most music.

Pay attention to the triplet in bar one. Not only do you need your timing correct but notice the first two beats of that triplet are little softer and end with a nice, firm, thwack.  There's a softer kick hit in bar two also to give the drum groove more dynamic range and expression. It's a reasonably slow beat at 96 beats per minute but you may find it a challenge.

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