Tuning Fork Madness

tuning fork

Ready for a little madness? See that thing in the picture here. It's a tuning fork, and we're pretty sure you already new that. We just couldn't think of a better way to introduce today's music lesson. It's not really a lesson, more of a challenge.

If you've never actually used a tuning fork here's how you use one. Hold the handle part (between the fork and the ball) with your thumb and fingers then give the fork end of the tuning fork a firm hit on something solid. The fork will start vibrating but you won't hear much until you press the ball end onto a surface that will amplify the resonations. Since we're talking music here common options might be an acoustic guitar or a violin.

But... here's the challenge for you. Hit the tuning fork end on a firm surface and then touch the ball end to your skull. What?! Madness you say. Kinda. Let's up the challenge. Hit the tuning fork end to get it resonating and then press the ball end against your teeth! (Ok, look - there is no way we would encourage you to do anything stupid or harmful. We're good guys and would NEVER say anything that could do you damage, and we don't really need a lawsuit. So, trust us, it's fine. We've done it. We've watched others do it. But if for any reason something did happen, oh, we don't know you took the challenge and a meteor fell out of the sky and hit your cat, it's not our fault, ok. Check. Done. Good. Moving on.)

Here's an interesting thing though. If you actually do this regularly eventually you will program your brain to hear the perfect pitch of the note your fork is tuned to. Most likely a perfect A. Cool? Yeah, but not quite. Not everything is tuned to a perfect note and it can actually be pretty frustrating to have your brain tuned to a perfect pitch and the band you are listening to is an eighth of a tone off.

But... the challenge. Great party trick. Give it a hit!

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