Bass - Four Finger Workout

The scale you see below is the most common version of the pentatonic scale you will come across. The root note is the very first note - it's a B note on your E-string. If you're a bass player and don't know this pentatonic scale then you can learn it here. Use your first fretting finger for all the '7' notes, your third finger for all the '9' notes and your pinky for the '10' note. Off you go and practice. Because...

The subject of this lesson isn't about the fretting hand. If you are a reasonably advanced bass player have you tried using all four fingers of your playing hand to play a note? Play through this scale using each of your four fingers to play through the clusters of eighth notes.

This is a practice exercise that builds up timing, control and strength on all your playing hand fingers. It can feel a little silly at first (just like when you started playing bass). The point is this though - how much do you want to advance? When you start getting all four fingers going you'll be surprised how your fingers do crazy things you wouldn't have thought of before. Why? Because you're actually using them.

Your playing is not going to instantly rocket into hyperspace. If you start working on developing this technique though, later you'll find it easy to be smooth at taking an advanced approach to complex pieces that won't sound forced or awkward.

four finger workout on bass
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