D#5 Powerchord

Any guitar player should know what a powerchord is. That doesn't mean that they particularly like or use them. And whilst they are played on piano they're referred to as 5th chords, not powerchords. For what it matters they come from classical composition anyway (wayyy before rock guitar). A 5th is the correct term for a powerchord. But you don't want a theory lesson, right? You just want to learn how to rock.

 D sharp 5 powerchord

Where are you most likely to come across the D#5? You may find it in some songs but most likely it will be when someone has transcribed (or worked out) a song they listened to that is tuned down a half-step but their own instrument is tuned to standard. Therefore they need to play slightly lower on the fretboard. Easier done on a guitar than a piano. But, we're not getting in to all that theory stuff here. This whole lesson is simple. Ta-da! The D#5 chord.

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