Jazzify Your Rock Chords

In this post we're going to teach you three jazz style chords that you can use to well, learn some jazz chords. Equally important though is to learn how to use them.

Here's a basic rock style progression. Play it as simple or complex as you like rhythm-wise. We recommend to just play a simple four-four on beat rhythm.  Later get a little more complex with your rhythmic approach.

 easy jazz progression

Got it down? Cool. Now substitute the chords below into the progression. A few minor details: the e minor chord and the A7 don't contain 5ths notes (let your bass player fill them in if you like). Also due to graphic constraints on the keyboard images the notes shown are inversions, in other words, the lowest note is not always the root note - but the chords shown in the score are technically correct. We just couldn't fit all the notes in in the correct order for each chord. Whichever version you choose if fine. So, no real major problems there. Getting the fingering down is probably the big challenge on any instrument. On guitar all chords are played around the 5th fret area is indicated.

 e minor 9
 A7 add 13
 B7 augmented
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