Easy Beginner Guitar Chord

In celebration of releasing our 'Super Beginner Guitar' book we feel it only appropriate to post a beginner guitar chord for today's lesson. Our Super Beginner Guitar book is especially designed for new players who want to advance quickly. It contains all the basics you need to know plus a bunch of tips and tricks that many players don't discover until years later. Get the playing edge with this excellent music book. Start right - Start awesome.

The chord shown below is the e minor chord. It's the first guitar chord you'll learn in Super Beginner Guitar. The two numbers show which fingers to use. The 'O' markers mean play that string open, or in other words, don't put any fingers on that string. The line running across the top represents the nut of your gut so if you work it out those notes shown must be played on the thick strings of your guitar, not the thin ones. 

 Super Beginner Guitar
 e minor guitar chord

If you haven't already seen it yet check out our promo video for Super Beginner Guitar on the main page of this site. If you want to learn how to play guitar this is THE book to get.

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