Advanced Timing Challenge

Ok, got your music workout attitude ready! The piece of music we've come up with for this music lesson is in the key of A. It's a chordal piece that jumps around a lot so be prepared to move all over your instrument. The specific point of this lesson is to demonstrate changing time signatures. In this lesson, the time signature changes at each bar.

What we've composed for you is pretty much what we're inspiring you to play. Or to put it another way, we could have just given you chords, bar breaks and the changing time signatures. That's definitely great for a beginner but we wanted a challenge for more experienced players. Still, if you are a beginner, forget all the notes you see and concentrate on the chords only. Use a simple on-beat rhythm (EG: only down strums on guitar, simple piano chords hits on piano) and play this using only the chords.

Whichever level of playing you are at, or instrument you play, we hope you enjoy this lesson. Why not leave a comment and give us some feedback.

changing time signatures
IK Multimedia - iRig MIDI 2

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