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Okay, we needed to get a little cryptic with the title for this lesson. The lesson is a b minor pentatonic scale on bass guitar. It's not the most uncommon scale - pentatonic, that is. But there's a slight twist here. Let's take a look at look at the music diagram and then discuss a point or two from it.

e minor pentatonic for 5 string bass guitar

Wait a moment you say. There's five lines in the bass tab! Yes, this b minor pentatonic scale is tabbed for a 5 string bass. Notice something else? This scale does not start on the root note. It starts on the 5th note of the minor scale from which this pentatonic is derived. The playing structure of this scale is a standard box shape of a pentatonic scale, but because we've got the extra string we're able to build the scale backwards from the root note. The root note is on the 7th fret of the E-string, which is the B note. If you're a four string bass player start on that note and work your way through the exercise. If you're a 5, you've got that extra string to have fun with.

Lastly, get your fingering hand accurate - that's the one that actually plays the strings. Work on keeping those triplets tight. Perhaps all those triplets makes it look like the exercise above should be played fast. That's not necessarily true. Aim for smooth string transition and accurate time keeping. Speed it up, slow it down but keep the groove strong.  

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