Guitar - Difficult B bar chords

Did the diagram just leap out at you and go bam! with the psychedelic colours? Perhaps we were just in a Scooby Doo sort of mood when selecting them.

Alrighty, so what is today's free music lesson about? Basically it's two alternative shapes for the B Major bar chord. In the chart below you see four chords. However, both the 1st chord and the 3rd one are the same F# chord. If you can't play that F# bar chord yet this whole lesson is going to be a challenge because it only gets harder. 

Let's get into those two B shape bar chords. We've labelled them version one (v1) and version 2 (v2). The correct naming for v1 is a B Major G Shape bar chord, and v2 a B Major D shape bar chord. The D shape may not be a full bar chord but it's usually thrown in.

It would be easy enough for us to just put up those two B chords and say learn them. What you need is ideas on how to use them. How about playing through those four chords in order as shown in the diagram- F# / B(v1)  / F# / B(v2) - giving each a single downstrum. Then try giving two downstrums for each chord. Despite the fact we're starting with the F# the key of that progression is most likely B Major due to the expressiveness of the B Major. in this context. 

difficult B barre chords

You could also try a single beat 1 stab on the F# and then fill out the remainder of a four count with the B chords. Give different rhythms a shot. Fingering is given in all the shapes above. Finger number 1 is the root note, so you can move those shapes around also and come up with new chords to include in your playing. 

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