Melody with 4th notes

A quick look at the music score below might look like this music lesson is for guitar. Actually the key elements for today's lesson is the top portion of score and the chords shown in the chord boxes. The notes in the top score are triads alternating between the Major and the Sus4 versions of two chords, C and G, played in a simple four note melody. In each bar the first four notes are a Major triad and the second four notes are a 4th triad. Any non-bass instrument should be able to play that fairly easily depending on your skill. The triads in each bar match the chords (which is kinda what music is all about really unless you're into the dada movement or something).

The chords in this exercise are simple to help you learn how to play the exercise. You can use the chords shown in the traditional score to create simpler chords for your left hand if you're a keyboard player. Once you're comfortable you might like to develop the concept and use different keys and chord structures.

melody with 4th notes

Now, for guitarists - No tab for the melody has been given on purpose. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find out what the notes of the upper music score is and work out how to play them on guitar. The purpose of that is not to 'make' you learn a music score but rather to help you step outside your comfort zone just a little. The first bar and third bars are based on C Major open chords, and the second and fourth bars are based on G Major barre chords.

See that Csus4 chord (this is cool for non guitarists too), you'll see that a note is muted as indicated by the 'X'. That's a quite natural way to play this chord as the muting will almost come naturally from your fretting. However, if you throw the note, which according the C Major construction is an E, back in you'll get a Cadd11 chord. It's a little bit muddier which detracted from this lesson but you can play it if you like. The Csus4 shown here plays really well.

The G7sus4 barre chord is a challenging variation on the G Major barre chord. You may have to go slow to get this playing smoothly.

Okay, that's it cats. Enjoy.

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