Guitar - Chords and Tapping

There's no doubt about it. The music lesson here is definitely a guitar lesson. To give you a little background context about how this lesson came about originally we planned something using a drone note inspired by Phil Collins, developing it onto guitar it became a Randy Rhodes/Van Halen type thing. But by completion it actually sounds very Beatlesque, albiet quite modern. Honestly, we composed and played this on an acoustic guitar. Try giving that a shot.

Let's break this down. The chord structure is very rock. However the choice of the b minor chord is unusual. We did that on purpose, avoiding the 'D' or 'G' that a guitarist might gravitate towards. That choice also came about by keeping the tapping structure intact on different strings. Note > Tone > Semi-tone > Tap. Notice that both tapping notes occur on the 15th fret. Again this choice was made to avoid an overly harmonised sound and gives the tiniest bit of angst to the piece.

The muted notes are best played with the edge of the palm of your playing hand, which is a natural approach. Muting here kills the open note and allows for the melodic chop at the end of the bars to be heard more clearly and tightens the whole piece up.

This piece works great if you're a fingerstyle player also.

A Major chords and tapping
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