Basic Guitar Rhythms

You know what. We're going to be honest here. We've a limited time to post today. But that's not a bad thing. It actually forces us to be creative in a short time frame and come up with something insightful. That's a pretty useful skill for a musician to have. Can you come up with the goods at the drop of a hat? One secret in being a really great musician is to always have your game on. Always be ready, because the other musician who is ready might just get the gig instead of you.

With that in mind we looked into our archive and thought we'd put up a nice, simple guitar rhythm for beginners. Then we thought, "if we put up one exercise, why not two?" Then we thought, "if we put up the rhythms we're going to have to put up the chords as well". Which turned out to be a great lesson for first timers on guitar.  

If you're just starting out on guitar, ta-da! Here's two easy chords and two basic rhythms for you to start with. The numbers in the dots show which fingers to use. Both chords use all six strings. The arrows show which way to strum - down and up.

 e minor guitar chord
 G Major chord guitar
 half note downstrums
 easy guitar rhythm for beginners
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