Fingers, Plectrum or Slap on Bass?

For a very long time 'puritan' bass players strongly asserted that using fingers was the only way to play bass. For one thing, using fingers is more difficult than using a pick (plectrum), and so showed that a bass player was committed to their craft and not looking for an easy way to play. Times have changed in recent decades. This is not to say the puritan approach does not have its merits. A skillful fingerstyle bass player sounds and looks awesome. However, the reality is that each approach to bass playing has its own pros and cons. Fingerstyle gives a warm, fat, bass note full of richness and depth. A picked approach gives a sharp attack with a tight sounding note. And, the funk sound of slapping is well recognized for it's snappy sounding notes which really stand out audiowise. Really, all styles are ways of crafting the perfect sound for whatever musical context you are in. A good bass player might gravitate to, and love, a particular style but really needs to have some sort of proficiency in all styles.

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