e minor Octaves along E string

Octaves time today. Although this is tabbed for guitar it works perfectly fine for bass too! Here is a harmonised progression played in octaves with the root note on the thick string of your instrument. Let's break that down. The root note is the note from which a chord is built, it is usually the first note. A harmonised progression (or harmonized if you prefer) is a sequence of chords or groups of notes that plays the same way a scale does - in increments travelling up or down. An octave is a doubling of the root note at a higher pitch. So this tab is a progression in e minor made out of octaves. You can do  other way cool stuff based on this concept. For practicing to this tab you could play both notes together, or alternate between the paired notes. Throw some slap in on a bass - funk anyone? Guitarists try with pick alone (strum them) or pick and fingers (hybrid picking). Bass players could try thumb and fingers, or resting thumb on pickup using first and third fingers. Go crazy.

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 e minor octaves