Get Funky With Two Chords

Get yourself funky playing with these two triad chords. You can practice them in any order. In other words start with the A Major then play the b minor. Or start with the b minor and then play the A Major. Star off by going for a straight sixteenth rhythm. Get your changes tight and correct. It doesn't matter if you get a bit of rhythmic string noise happening as you change, just make sure your strumming hand is keeping those sixteenth notes pumping and accurate. Once you get the hang of it try missing or holding some of those insanely fast sixteenth notes, or release the pressure off your fretting hand chords to add a little 'chucka-chucka' into your rhythm. Alright, get funky.

You may also like to take the chords up to the 11th and 9th frets (respectively) and funk it out there. Or drop it back to the 7th and 5th chords. You'll find that the strings are a bit loser there and slightly more challenging to keep a good rhythm going. 


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