C5 Powerchord

Yesterday we posted some funky type chords. Today we'll stick with guitar but bring it right down to beginner guitar. One of the simplest things a beginner guitarist can learn is a power chord. The image below shows the C5 powerchord. But, this simple looking chord has its own challenges for a beginner guitarist. First we'll explain how to play it.

The number three outside the chord box (far left) indicates that this chord is played at the third fret. The X's mark all the strings that you don't play. In other words only strum the two strings that have numbers on them. The dots with numbers show which fret to place your finger and which finger to use. In the case of powerchords it's almost always the first and third fingers.

Some challenges for a beginner you may expect are not pressing your fingers hard enough against the fretboard to fret the notes properly. Hitting more strings than your are supposed to. And this chord is a really big stretch for beginners. Try not to take the easy approach and use your pinky because as you develop as a guitarist you may need to use that pinky for other things! So, if possible, work on building up those stretches and your hand strength.


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