Vocal Resonance

Whoah! Rockbadger Productions had a huge day today and nearly missed posting our daily lesson. But, we shall not let you down.

Let's talk vocal resonance. Choose a comfortable note. Any note will do. Now hum that note. "mmmmmmm". Keep your breath flow, volume and pitch even. Make sure your diaphragm is engaged or you are not actually singing, just humming. You don't need to aim for a high volume - just enough will do. When you have the hum down merge it into an "eeeee" sound like this, "mmmm-meeeeee". Repeat with the same pitch a few times. Then work on "mmmmm-maaaaaa".

Once you feel competent with this exercise you can expand on your vocal technique by changing the vowel sound or the consonant sound. You may also change the pitch - go a little higher or lower, or taking care not to damage your vocal chords go extreme.

These exercises are not meant to be mastered in one day. Give yourself time. A lot of time.