Bass Target Notes

When improvising or song writing it's important to have a context for what you are doing. There are many ways to do this. This post shows target notes on a bass guitar for the key of C Major. The notes are the triad notes of the major chord - the first note, the third note, and the 5th note.

The diamond shaped fret markers are your root notes for this scale. In other words, the two diamond shaped markers are both C notes (play them simultaneously and that's a C octave). If you are working on being creative on bass the notes you see here will work great over a C chord or in a song that's in the key of C. Try adding some of these notes to your playing. We'll leave it up to you to experiment how because we'll save those ideas for a post on a different day.

Two quick ideas to get you going are start with a root note and use the other notes, or use the other notes and end on a root note.  Have fun experimenting!

 bass guitar

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