G Shape Powerchord

Sick of powerchords and want to get a new sound out of your thicker strings on your guitar? Try this great shape. It's probably best to finger it using your 1st, 3rd and 4th fingers on your fretting hand.

This is a Major chord shape, actually a triad. The root note is the top string note. Play this shape with your pinky at the 12th fret of the thick E-string and you have a chunky E-Major chord. Play it with your pinky finger at the 5th fret of the thick #-string and you have an A-Major triad. You can also drop this shape down to the A-string and play it there. Have fun experimenting with this chord.

And, oh, yes... you might feel a little pain as you learn this chord because you are possibly using the lessor used section of your fretting hand.