5 String Bass strings

There's nothing overly complicated about today's post. The graphic below shows the string names of a 5-string bass tuned to standard tuning. Your approach to learning to play on a five string guitar may vary depending on if this is your first instrument and you are going straight for the five, or you already play an instrument and want to learn how to play one of these babies.

Most likely the greatest asset to having a 5 string bass is getting those extra low notes on the thick B string. Also, if formerly you needed to dropped to a D tuning you may find that you no longer need to do that on a 5 string.

The four bottom strings are the same as a four string bass, or even the thick four strings on a guitar. The thickest string on your 5 string bass is the additional string.

We'll leave this post here. At another time we'll give tips on approaching learning the thick B string and some playing ideas with it. Until then, enjoy experimenting with your low note.


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