E-String Guitar Exercise

Perhaps you already know a few chords. Perhaps you can play a riff or two. Maybe you're looking for ways to play some lead lines. Today's exercise is a great way to start.

You may recognize the exercise below as a I-IV-V progression. If not, never fear, we'll cover that some time in the future. Basically it's a simple repeating pattern most often played as chords. The lesson here uses that pattern but plays it with notes instead. The note names are given so you can learn them. If you don't know any notes on a traditional music score here's a chance to learn three of them.

The numbers in blue show which fretting hand finger to use. You only use your first finger. Why? Because by using your first finger only you are building up skills in relocating your hand on the guitar fretboard. There's a world of great things that can come from this. Trust us! Play the exercise with four even notes and only use your first finger.

As well as concentrating on your fretting hand make sure you are giving firm picks to the string with your picking hand. Try alternate picking if you like.

Lastly, if you want some chords to practice this melody over try the major chords of the notes given. For example, Play E Major for two bars while playing the melody, then swap to A Major but keep the melody the same.


 E string guitar exercise

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