Who Played It?

A little bit of music trivia for you today.

Although David Bowie composed the piano lines for his classic song "Life on Mars" he didn't actually play it on the recording. Rick Wakeman from Yes played the piano parts because David wasn't competent enough on the keys to do the song the justice he felt it deserved.

In a similar note, (nice pun, yes?), Ray Davies composed the chromatic piano walk down for the Kinks' #1 Hit "Sunny Afternoon". Again, a professional player was called in to play the piano parts. There was much tension in the studio in getting this accomplished player to play the chromatic descending single note walk that you hear in the song.

As Paul McCartney composed keyboard parts for the Beatles' cool blues song "Come Together" he was getting agitated because John Lennon was constantly looking over his shoulder watching him. Paul's keyboard work was not included in the song only to have Lennon later to lay down himself the exact keyboard parts Paul had composed for the final recorded version.

Guitarist David Gilmour did not play the version of "Is There Anybody Out There?" that appears on the album "The Wall." Like Bowie, Gilmour admits his own capability at the time of composition was not good enough for a recorded take and a latino style guitarist was called in to play the recorded version! However, Mr Gilmour soon developed the fingerstyle technique required for the song and has played it competently himself for many, many years since.

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