Across or along

Today's post is really quite simple. All we are highlighting is the difference between playing 'across' the strings and 'along' the strings on a stringed instrument.

Identifying the difference between playing along the strings or across them might seem pedantic but it can have a big impact on learning (and teaching) music on stringed instruments. For instance, your open e minor scale can be played along the open e-string. In other words, start at an open E note and progress all the way up to the next E note. But that's not the only way to play. You could also play the same scale across the strings by starting on a suitable note and using more than one string. Both ways of playing are equally valid. The choice in which way to play can depend on many factors such as tempo, style, player, song context and even feel.

Here's a nice demonstration of the concept shown on a bass guitar.

 promotional picture

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