Gtr - C and E note workout

Yesterday's post about creating trills on piano using the C and E notes inspired us to come up with something on guitar (you might like to read that blog post). Today's lesson kind of morphed as we were tabbing it. What started out as a trill exercise turned into cool guitar techniques for one or two guitars

Both guitar parts are exactly the same thing played in two different ways. There is also traditional score. Ok, maybe you really don't want to learn how to read traditional notation, but learning these two notes in traditional notation is really easy while you're working at developing your shredding skills.

Both guitar parts alternate between C and E notes in bar 1 and then play the exact same thing an octave higher in bar 2. Gtr 1 plays a simple cluster configuration using two strings for each bar. Gtr 2 plays some insanely long stretches using only one string for each octave.

Depending on your skill level you might want to try both versions. Use the fingering shown in blue beneath each tab.

Now if you want to try this with two guitar players, sure you could each play exactly what you see here. Basically, you're doubling each other with some great variances in sound coming from the different approach each guitar is tabbed with.

If you really wanna go crazy just mix up your bars between your two guitarists! After all, every bar here is only the same two notes. Techniques like this appear in the playing of all your favourite axe-slingers from Hendrix to Hammet to Vai.


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