Gtr - Open B7 animated

This B7 chord on guitar is one of the standard chords a guitarist should learn. It's not exactly a beginner chord. After you've got a good grip on playing three finger chords such as E Major, a minor and C Major you could progress onto this chord which uses all four fingers of your fretting hand.

You'll notice that you do not hit the top string. Also this chord has one open note, the B-string. A common issue you'll find when learning this chord is that your ring and pinky fingers might not be as obedient as you'd like them to be. That's a great reason to learn this chord. It's got a nice stretch across your fretboard, and it shifts accuracy needed to the lessor used area of your hand. Aim to hit each string accurately so that open note does not get muted.

To practice moving between this chord and other chords try switching to an E Major or an A Major and back again. Those are compatible chords. 


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