Tapping d minor pentatonic

Ok, the post title here reads 'Tapping in d minor pentatonic" but that's not 100% correct. True the exercise below is constructed as a pentatonic tapping exercise. However, if you've got a little bit of guitar theory up your sleeve you might know that the minor pentatonic scale perfectly superimposes over the Aeolian mode which is in itself exactly the same as the natural minor scale.

What does this mean? Depending on your guitar playing style you can use the exercise below as part of your minor pentatonic, Aeolian mode or natural minor scale repertoire. Let's break it down.

Fret across the two lowest strings of your guitar at the 10th fret with your index finger. These two notes are establishing the D context - a D note (root note) and an A note (5th note). Further, the tapped note on the e-string is an A note and the tapped note on the B-string is a D note. With these notes alone we're pretty much driving home that this cool lick is in the key of D. The F note (13th fret, e-string) is straight from the d minor scale, so it pretty much locks in that this lick is in d minor. The only other note is a B note (12th fret, B-string) which is more for practical playing reasons rather than tonal colour, but it works really well on both levels.

This shape is movable. Move it up two frets and you're in e minor. Drop it down to the 5th fret and you're in a minor. Drop it down to the second fret and you're in f sharp minor.  

Pentatonic tapping in d minor