Piano - F# minor arpeggio

A piano workout today based largely on the black keys. The animation in this post shows an F# minor arpeggio. It's the triad of the notes of the F # minor (F#, A, C#) played through twice. You'll need two hands for this. play the first three notes with your left hand, and the next three with your right hand. Aim for a nice, smooth flow of notes. You can play them all simultaneously once you've run through them all.

Another way you could practice this is to hold each note in as you finger them. You can also play it backwards - start with the highest note and work back to the lowest.

When you play through this aim to have your hands at towards the front end of the black keys. You don't need to bury your hand deep into the keyboard. That just wastes energy and can make things hard when you start moving between chords and playing extra notes. Your 'A' note won't be played exactly where you see in the diagram, it'll be more played snuggled between the tips of the black keys.

f sharp minor arpeggio animated

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