Stacatto- G Major scale

The term stacatto is Italian for "detached".  Some may define stacatto as a 'short note' but a better way to describe a stacatto note is to call it 'abrupt'. It is a tight, clipped note that is discontinued almost immediately after it is played. Using this technique the sound of one note never flows into another. Stacatto can be played on any instrument. Depending on the instrument entire chords can be given a stacatto attack - everything from classical to metal to funk.

A stacatto note in traditional notation is identified by the dot just beneath the note. As you can see in the example below each note of this G Major scale is given a stacatto attack. The example works fine on any instrument. It is given in both traditional notation and tablature. If you're a bass player and don't read traditional  score don't worry. Just play exactly what you see here on your bass guitar (start on your thick E-string). End each note almost the instant you play it.

If you're new to the technique aim to have each note last exactly the same duration. Maintain an even tempo playing through the scale. Play the scale backwards using the technique too.

 stacatto example

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