Rest Your Hands

It is important for musicians to take care of their hands. Sorry vocalists this lesson is not really for you, but the point behind it is (take care of your instrument). And drummers may find these suggestions suitable for all four limbs!

This entry is to remind you that no matter what level you are at it's important to give your hands a rest. Accomplished players are most likely well trained to do this. Beginners may find their hands fatigue easily because they have not yet built up the dexterity and strength for long playing sessions. That leaves those in the middle - especially those who are driven to improve or reach a certain goal quickly.  It's good to be driven, but how can a player maximise their practice time without taking breaks all the time because of tired or pained hands?

There's a simple answer. Rest your hands. Or, to keep a practice session flowing rest one at a time. Give each hand a rest by focusing on techniques just using one hand for a while then switch hands. Focus on the other hand. Each hand (fingers, fore-arm, shoulders, etc) get some time out but your practice session is still progressing.

Another great thing you can do is give your fingers some gentle stretching, and give your hands, fingers and fore-arms some massaging. It's not as silly as it sounds. Not only can this release a little muscle tension but it stimulates blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, so massaging your fingers is a great tool for good playing. You can do this before, during or after a session. In fact, anytime.

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