Travel Around Your Kit

A warm up exercise for drummers is the topic of today's post. It's a simple exercise that gets you travelling in a circular pattern around your entire kit (kick drum excepted). Start at your snare drum and travel around your drums, cymbals and hats in an anti-clockwise direction as shown by the red arrows. If your kit is bigger or smaller, no problem, just adapt the flow of movement to suit your kit.

Each drum gets a left and a right stroke. Keep your posture firm and your grip relaxed. Use your abdominal muscles to pivot if required. Start slow and build up speed later if you like. As with many other exercises you can travel in the opposite direction - start with your snare, move to the hats and continue in a clockwise direction.

You can also adjust your strokes by using RL, LLRR, LRLR, paradiddles, flams, or any other ideas you might like to try. Do we need to remind you to ensure you are playing everything accurately on beat? Good. We didn't think so.

drumkit warmup

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