Low G shape Triad

Perhaps you've been playing with powerchords for ages. Nothing wrong with that, but what if you want a new sound in a similar style? Today's post shows a great movable shape. It's not a power chord, it's a triad. A great thing about this shape is that the notes are perfectly in order - the 1st (or root note shown with the 'R'), 3rd and 5th. Most likely you'll play this chord using your pinky to play the root note and build backwards.

Play this shape with the root note on the 12th fret of your E-string and you've got an E-Major triad. Play with the root note on the 7th fret and you've got a B-Major triad. You can also drop this shape down to the A-string and build some major chords there too.

So, now get playing and experimenting with this new chord shape.

G shape power chord

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