Bass - A Major along A-string

Let's look into developing some bass playing technique. Shown below is the A Major scale played along the A string of your bass guitar.


The two diamond shaped notes are root notes. Just like any scale you start with the lowest note and play your way through the scale until you reach that some note again, only higher. Or lower if you are travelling in the other direction. Try it. The first note is an open A note so you don't fret it. Use your index finger to play through all the notes as shown until you reach the octave note at the twelfth fret. Then play back down again.

Of course, there are other ways to play through this. Still, this is an excellent exercise for beginner and advanced alike. For a beginner using your index finger not only trains you how to move up and down your fretboard it also builds your ability to relocate more complicated ideas later on. And you are training yourself to hear and play the major scale.

Advanced people still practice this even after many years of playing. They may do more advanced things. Perhaps playing each note rapidly as a quarter note with alternate fingering, or playing an open note between each note change, and other creative stuff.

Whatever level you are at there's always some skill to develop in using this approach to a Major scale.


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