Guitar - g sharp minor triad

Apologies to fans of our daily music lesson -  we've missed about two weeks. Let's just use that tired old industry and claim "technical difficulties". Hey, but the good news is that we're all tuned up, amp is set to 10, and we're ready to rock again.

Although, today's post is a guitar chord that is more suited for styles like reggae, funk and ska. This is a three note g sharp minor chord played across the thin strings of your guitar. Depending on your amplifier settings and/or effects this chord may sound a little weak. Consider this though - it's not way up the fret board so you get a sharp, biting attack, and it's not all low so it becomes a bit more rock or grungy. You'll probably find that this chord sits nicely when it's played over a tight rhythm section. You'll probably find that with a lot of triads. Alone they may not have a lot of strength but as part of a complete band they'll sit nicely and provide a slightly ambient yet tonally full sound. If you're always bashing out powerchords or full chords why not try some triads for a change!

For beginners - to play this one simply lay your first finger across the bottom three strings at the fourth fret. Press firmly to get each string to sound correctly. Only strum those strings.

g sharp minor triad