Guitar Fretboard Challenge

We're going to use some jazzy guitar chords today to advance and challenge your ability with chords on the fret board. We've chosen jazz chords for the more complex shapes (and these aren't even the hardest ones). Really, however, the point of today's lesson is to build up your fret board mastery by getting you to play chords all the way up the neck and then back again.

The chords below are given as an example. You can substitute any chords you like but keep in mind that you will need to mute any open strings, or just miss them if they happen to be high or low E string. But, if you're going to try an open G Major chord you'll probably find it impossible.

Ok, back to the exercise. Fret the first chord below, the Maj7 chord, at the first fret of your guitar. Strum once. Fret the next chord, the 9th chord, on the second fret of your guitar. Strum. Alternate chords moving all the way up to the twelfth fret and then back. Aim for even timing and even strums all the way through the exercise. As you get a grip on this practice style you can begin to vary your rhythm patterns. Try to invent new patterns! You could even go up to the 15th fret depending on your guitar and choice of chords.

jazz style exercise

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