Bass G String Slide

Sliding notes on a bass guitar is a great way to add more depth to your bass playing. Slides can also be used to emphasize certain parts of a bar, chord changes and other such musical aspects. The thinnest string is probably the hardest string to slide on a bass guitar just for that reason - it is the thinnest string. Also, you don't get as much anchoring as you can achieve sliding on the E or A string. With that in mind today's exercise is sliding on the thin string, usually tuned to G.

The bass tab exercise below plays a low F note for three even beats and then slides into an F note octaves higher. To play this slide start anywhere on the G string but make sure you finish on the 10th fret (the F note). An F note was chosen for this exercise because it's probably a little more difficult than a more smoother choice such a G or A.

Aim to get your slide on time, but also back the the low F note on time for your repeats. As for which finger to slide with? Try them all. Each will present its own challenges. It's a great idea to practice with different fingers because, ultimately, it will be the context in the song which will guide you to which finger works best.

Bass guitar F slide note

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