Keyboard - F Blues Walk

Today's blog entry is a blues pattern on piano. Seeing that the key of 'C' is piano friendly and a common place to start we decided to share something that's a step up from that basic key. The pattern below is in F, but that doesn't mean that playing it defines it as in the 'F' key. Of course, if you started playing with this you most probably are in the key of F, even F7. However, this particular pattern may not be the first bar of the song you are playing so the best way to think about is as being a blues walk behind an F chord. Therefore if you happened to be playing a bluesy style tune in the key of C and the progression moved to an F chord, viola! This pattern will work behind that chord.

The other reason we decided to present this pattern behind an F chord is for you to take on a challenge. Intermediate to advanced players will get this straight without much difficulty. However, if you'r reasonably new at the keys can you work out how to play this starting on the C note?

Now for the actual playing. This probably comes of as a bass walk, but can be something to be practiced on either hand - and we hope you do. The numbers therefore do not indicate scale increments or which fingers to use. They are a reference to the pattern to play in. Play in pairs of notes with each pair starting with a root note (1 in the diagram) and work your way through the pattern. Repeat. You're going to need stretches, and you might find you get some tension near your wrist pretty soon. Relax, build up those muscles over time, don't play so as to injure yourself.

The pattern to play is 1,2 - 1,3 - 1,4 - 1,5

You'll be using all five fingers of each hand. Play each note as an eighth beat. You may get a little stacatto in there. That's cool. You may even end up with a swing feel. That's cool too.

 F Blues keyboard walk

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