Drum Rudiments - Warm Up Beats

This lesson entry for drummers is actually not always well promoted by other drummers. There could be a lot of reasons, perhaps pride or perhaps the lesson feels too simple. Still, other very experienced drummers regard the lesson here as almost mandatory and still practice this very same technique well into their advanced playing.

So, all that aside today's lesson is basically about building technique. It's a warm up exercise that you could devote maybe 5 or 10 minutes to in your practice sessions. Others (even those advanced players) can spend up to an hour just doing the exercise outlined below.

You will need a metronome to practice to, or perhaps a click track through headphones, whatever. Set your metronome to a very slow beat, like 60 BPM. Then play some good, accurate hits on your snare drum to that beat (one hit per beat) in a L R L R L R style. This can actually take a lot of concentration because playing slow can sometimes be a challenge.

The rest of your warm-up/practice is to repeat the exercise described in the paragraph above at a higher BPM. Move up to 72, then 80, 102, 112, 120, 132, 138. Well, you get the idea. Don't let the simplicity of this lesson fool you - concentrate and use this lesson to develop your hits, your grip and your timing.

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