Keyboard - b minor inversions

A chord in music is build from three notes. Those three notes are called a triad. The first note is called the 'root' note. The simplest triad, musically speaking, is the Major triad. It uses the root note of a scale, and the third, and the fifth. In numbers that sequence is 1 - 3 - 5.

Playing a chord in that sequence of notes is called the 'root position' because the lowest note of that triad is the root note. However, the notes can be played in a different order so long as the actual notes don't change. If that doesn't quite make sense to you look at the diagram below. It shows the b minor chord on a piano keyboard played in all inversions. There's really only three inversions because the pattern then just repeats.

 b minor inversions

The rules for inversions are the same regardless of which musical instrument although the approach may change. For these keyboard inversions practice going through the inversions with your left hand and then your right hand. Don't be shy about trying to get extremely high or low but when you do so concentrate on your posture. Try to keep good form. You may also like to play through the inversions as single notes, not just chords.

The key of b minor was chosen for this lesson to get away from C Major exercises, all too common on piano.

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